Night Train to Lisbon

Getting to know a city through the books in it – he had always done that.

Night Train to Lisbon, loc. 977, Kindle edition

Night Train to Lisbon follows Raimund Gregorius, a 57-year-old Classics scholar, on a journey that takes him across Europe. Abandoning his job and his life and travelling with a dusty old book as his talisman, he heads for Lisbon in search of clues to the life of the book’s Portuguese author, Amadeu de Prado. As he gets swept up in his quest, he finds that the journey is also one of self-discovery, as he re-encounters all the decisions he has made – and not made – in his life, and faces the roads not travelled.

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We invite you to know Lisbon by the book Night train to Lisbon. We follow the steps of Gregorius in Lisbon, from Bairro Alto where we discover the “blue house” and the old second-hand bookstores; the Downtown with Augusta Street and the O’Kelly pharmacy, to the old quarter Alfama where we will find the doctor’s office.

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Meeting point: Jardim São Pedro de Alcântara (by the Statue)

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