Belém and The Lusiadas

Luís de Camões

You will witness a love of country not
Driven by greed but true and enduring,
For it is no unworthy reward to be famed
Writing in praise of my native land.
Observe: you will see names exalted
Of those whom you are supreme lord,
And you can judge which is the better case,
King of the world or king of such a race.
Canto One, 10.
First published in 1572, The Lusiads is one of the greatest epic poems of the Renaissance, immortalizing Portugal’s voyages of discovery with an unrivaled freshness of observation. The epic poem from Luís de Camões (1524-1580) follows Vasco da Gama’s pioneer voyage via southern Africa to India in 1497-98. The first European artist to cross the equator, Camões’s narrative reflects the novelty and fascination of that original encounter with Africa, India and the Far East.


The Lusiads is our roadbook to discover Belém district, the site from where Vasco da Gama sailed off: The Belém Monastery, built in 1502, The Belém Tower and the Monument to Discoveries.

This tour includes the visit of the Church of the Jerónimos Monastery.

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Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa