Baltasar and Blimunda

José Saramago

…Lisbon could be seen stretching beyond the city walls. The castle dominated the panorama, while church towers and spires rose above the rooftops of the houses below, a blurred conglomeration of gables. (…) There stood Lisbon, presented on the palm of the earth, a façade of high walls and tall houses.
SARAMAGO, José, Baltasar & Blimunda, Harvill Press/London, 1998
Baltasar & Blimunda
Portugal, 1711: an amorous friar is pursued naked through the rubble-strewn streets of Lisbon; an enthusiastic procession of flagellants roars with pleasure over the damnation of adultery; a royal prince uses hapless sailors for target practice; and women dressed in colorful finery watch as lapsed converts and sorcerers are put to death by flames. In the midst of the terrors of the Inquisition and the plague, a seemingly mismatched couple discovers the wonders of love. This poetic tale, graced with exquisite historical detail and full of magic and adventure, is a tapestry of human folly and human will. The best-loved of all of the great Jose Saramago's works, this novel radiates with achievement. (From AMAZON)


José Saramago weaves the early 18th century Portugal almost like a fairy tale where a King, a one-harm soldier, a witch, a flying priest merge into a magical story.

We may not recognize the Lisbon where Baltasar arrives. But through the guidance of Saramago’s novel, we will have a glimpse of the atmosphere of the bustling city.

Even if you haven’t read the novel, the tour will unravel a different Lisbon.

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